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Where and how to invest your money?


Investing is not necessarily synonymous with finding the  best financial investments , it is necessary to take into account taxation, medium-term liquidity needs, the risk profile, but the most important thing is to know your  financial objectives .

The advantages and disadvantages of these different financial investments

Tip #1: Understand before investing

In investing, you can’t do just anything. If you rush headlong into all the potential financial investments that you see, on the one hand, you will scatter yourselves and on the other hand, you will crash. Before making any decision, get information from financial investment professionals. They will guide you on the right tracks according to your profile and your assets. Then, take an interest in the range of possibilities available to you: read, study a little, try to understand how it all works. You don’t need a degree, just a bit of common sense.

Tip #2: Diversify your investments

What do you think will happen if you put everything you own into buying a single stock? If it collapses, you lose everything. But since you’re smart, you’re not going to do that. Instead, you will diversify your investments to minimize risk. No investment is ever 100% secure. So think bigger: insurance, savings, real estate, bonds… That way, one lost source of profit, ten found.

Tip #3: Define your financial goals

Are you more of the shark type looking for a profitable , prudent or even ethical investment ? Do you urgently need cash or are you ready to invest for the very long term? Because depending on your risk profile, the extent of your wealth and your objective, the investments will not be the same.

Tip #4: Start investing as soon as possible

When to start investing? The answer is: now! The sooner you start, the longer your savings will last and therefore the more your money will grow. So I know, when you’re young, you have other fish to fry than getting into the stock market or real estate. But think about it, it could be quite a lot of money between now and your retirement.

Tip #5: Keep a precautionary savings

Investing is great, but always remember to keep some of your savings on a risk-free investment . Yes, what will you do if your business does not take off right away or if all your investments go down the drain? That would be annoying (but unlikely if you followed tip #3).

The secret: precautionary savings, , keep the equivalent of 6 months (or even a year) of cash warm, in a savings account for example. Not a very profitable investment, certainly, but still better than the current account and moreover, you can recover your money as you see fit. And then, it’s only ever a very small part of your fortune. The rest will be well invested thanks to the best investments of 2023 .

The 7 best investments in 2023

Where to invest your money in 2023 to make a profit? As I told you, there is no right answer, since everything depends on your profile. That said, nothing prevents me from drawing up a non-exhaustive list of the most recommended investments this year.

1. Invest your money in stocks and bonds

Those are some scary words! And yet, the financial markets are more accessible than we think. With a little practice and good advice, it’s easy to earn a more than decent return. Of course, stocks are among the riskiest financial investments, but how else can you make your money grow? Taking risks, let’s be honest. In 2019, French equities are No. 1 in yield with more than 20% yield. However, if you are a little cautious, fall back on other less risky investments instead.

No need to hide your face: investing in the stock market requires a lot of composure and a relatively developed appetite for risk. If you are prepared to lose your investment amount, then stocks and bonds are for you. Otherwise, move on. Other more secure investments await you.

I honestly think that buying a buy-to-let is one of the best ways to grow your money . The principle is simple: you buy a house, apartments, garages or commercial premises and rent them out. Very quickly, the rents collected will exceed your loan and you will earn money. The advantage is that if you can no longer manage the rental, you just have to resell them. And as a bonus, the State will do everything to help you thanks to the Pinel law, which is practical for reducing taxes .

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