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3 criteria to consider when finding a business law lawyer


In carrying out their activities, companies often take enormous risks. These can sometimes cause them legal problems . To deal with these disconcerting situations, they need the expertise of a good business lawyer. However, in the professional market , there are a variety of providers and it can be difficult to make the right choice. So, to help you in your decision-making, this article presents the procedure to follow to find the ideal lawyer in business law.

A service provider that does not meet your needs will be of no use to you. This is why it is always important to assess your needs before choosing your business law lawyer. To assess your needs, ask yourself first about the reasons that lead you to call on a business law lawyer . These reasons can be:

Support for the establishment of the legal status of the company;

Once the reasons are mentioned, you can resort, for example, to to find a lawyer who suits your needs. However, well before concluding an agreement, try to check if the service provider has a specialization in the field where you are requesting their skills. A business law lawyer can, on his own, intervene in commercial law, in contract law , in company law . So, if your company needs expertise on a commercial matter, it would make sense to choose a business lawyer who specializes in commercial law.

Assess the competence of the lawyer in business law

When you have clearly specified your needs, the next step is to assess the competence of the lawyer . It is only through his skills that the lawyer will be able to find effective solutions to the problems of companies in difficulty .

The evaluation of skills must be done through 3 essential elements.

The qualification

This parameter refers more to the level of the lawyer in terms of diplomas . For a business lawyer to be considered competent , he must at least hold a Bac+5 in the field. This diploma certifies that he has the necessary notions to solve the legal problems of your company in the field of business law.

The experience

Here the refers much more to the lawyer’s ability to properly resolve cases that are identical to yours. The more the lawyer has handled such cases, the more he will be able to help you in solving your legal problem. So always look for lawyers who have, for example, at least 5 or 10 years of experience in the field.

The references

This parameter only complements the first two. To be sure of the skills of the lawyer in law, you will have to ask him for references (former clients). It will be enough to contact the customers to see if they issue positive opinions or comments vis-à-vis the service provider in question. But, apart from contacts, you can also seek to have old reports established on the lawsuits which the lawyer would have won. Evaluate these reports to make your choice.

You cannot make the choice of the best lawyer in business law without taking into account the parameter of the fees . Even if it does not matter, it should be noted that it is only according to your budget that you can choose your lawyer . In the professional market, the fees of business lawyers often vary according to the processing time , the case to be handled and the expertise of the service provider .

To assess his fees , the business law lawyer offers hourly pricing . For a classic service provider (Bac+5), this rate is at least €160/h. But, for the professional , it can cost around 200 €/h. If the lawyer has to spend 10 hours to process your case and solve your problem, you will therefore have to pay €1,600 for the traditional service provider and €2,000 for the professional. Based on this estimate , you can easily choose the right lawyer for you. Indeed, the good lawyer will be much more the one whose fees correspond with the budget defined for the circumstance.

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