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12 Tips For Getting Your Bank Loan


Bankers finance projects while endeavoring to reduce the risk as much as possible. They study the project for this but are also very attentive to the way in which the project will be carried out. Thus, to obtain suitable professional financing , it is important to prepare your application carefully and to be aware of the importance of certain factors.

Submit your credit application at the right time

Each project has a timing. The banker’s experience helps him to perceive when a project is mature and when it needs to be worked on. Generally speaking, a banker will only agree to finance a project from the start-up or launch phase. The ideal being to have been able to test or launch the activity. As soon as a start of activity exists, an economic model that can be studied and measured is put in place.

This replaces assumptions with facts and gives credibility to the outlook with potential financiers, bankers and investors.

Presenting the project at the right time also means adapting to the rhythm of the banks. Some banks slow down their credit allocations once they have Bank Loan reached their objectives. If this is very visible for conventional loans (real estate, etc.), it is somewhat the same for credits or professional loans . After a while, banks limit their exposure to risk.

Submit a complete file

Your file is much more than a compilation of documents, figures and arguments. It is an element that through its design (structure, organization, presentation, precision) lets your personality shine through.

Presenting a complete file, containing all the necessary information and supporting documents will help convince your financial partner of your ability to repay your loan.

Adapt your business plan

To each interlocutor his business plan! Of course, there is only one business plan, even if it often changes over time. However, it is necessary to adapt its presentation according to your interlocutor.

A banker will be more sensitive to concrete and factual elements. He will also strive to understand the bases on which the business plan and the forecast have been established and will carefully study its financial indicators and ratios.

A banker forms an opinion based on certainties. Your business plan should make it easy for him to find what he is looking for.

Choose the right financing

Not all financing is suitable for your situation. Short-term credit, investment, start-up of a project, … financing for each type of need. Identifying the nature of your need and selecting a suitable tool lends credibility to your request and saves time.

Do some market research

Market research is a central part of starting a business. It must show that you know your target market (typical customers, segments, life cycle, competition, catchment area, etc.) and that your offer meets real demand.

Being most often one of the founding elements of the commercial strategy, the market study gives credibility to your project while showing the potential of the project, its relevance and its feasibility.

Provide a personal contribution

The personal contribution is a means of financing but also of showing your banker what your level of involvement in your project is. In general, your personal contribution should represent approximately 35% of your funding request.

If it is lower, consider finding additional financing that will increase your contributions via a capital increase. Love money, crowdfunding and grants and sometimes contests are ways to raise funds.

By doing so in advance, you can also apply for an honor loan ( France initiative or Réseau entrepreneur ) or use your ARE from Pôle Emploi in the form of an ARCE contract. These additional contributions will help you build up your contribution. If they are significant, they can also contribute to reducing the amount of the loan, or conversely to increasing it thanks to the financial leverage effect.

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