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How to transform your home with a modern decoration?


Just like modern culture, modern interior design takes inspiration from almost every style and makes it a mix of eclectic elements.

The sleek, natural lines of Scandi style, the rugged look of industrial style , and the flair of Glam have all influenced modern decorating.

Now you have decided to redo your living space in a modern style. We’re here to tell you where to start and what the most popular features are. Don’t get attached to these guidelines. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s your home, decorate as you wish.

Flooring: Choose simplicity!

Modern style flooring takes inspiration from Scandi style in its approach to simplicity. Hardwood floors and veneers, with spare rugs here and there, form the backbone of a room decorated in a modern style.

The modern style is all about opening up. You can see it in floor plans: most homes have as few separate rooms and spaces as possible. In homes designed with this school of thought, you can often see the kitchen and dining room, or the living room and dining room, as one larger space.

Overall, modern design uses a “less is more” approach. It is strictly minimalist and functional. The trick is to make your space as open as possible. Do this by rearranging furniture away from walkways or high-traffic areas and letting in as much light as possible. Larger windows may be required. Let some of that beautiful sunlight in.

Banish curves

Modern style furniture is based on straight lines. You won’t find many curved back chairs or curved sofas. Everything is horizontal and vertical. It might feel uncomfortable, but the presence of plush padding solves that nicely. Modern furniture itself adds a splash of color to the room, usually in the form of bright primary colors like red and blue. Accent materials include chrome, glass, steel and other metals like aluminium that you can get from your local aluminium suppliers

When choosing something like a modern bed frame, find something with clean, straight lines. Avoid choosing a bed with ornate carvings, as it goes completely against the motif of simplicity. Modern design has gotten rid of many previous artistic sensibilities.

Eliminate all clutter

A modern design layout eliminates clutter. If you walk into a room decorated in a modern style, you might be shocked at how empty it looks. This is because all clutter is safely tucked away in alcoves. You will not see collections, personal trinkets, pottery or anything outdoors. Less clutter means less chaos. Decorations are kept to a minimum and are only used to enhance the appearance of the room. An example might be a chessboard on a coffee table.

Most colors in modern design are neutral, muted tones. These start to look monotonous and dull after a while, which is why you should liven up the party with bold, brightly colored pieces. This dark black sofa can benefit from a bright red throw, pillow or cushion. Don’t worry; the touch of color will not swear.

One is enough to do the job in most rooms, unless you have a larger room. For a large empty floor space, break up the monochrome with a bright throw rug.

Don’t go too far

You need to keep accent pieces to a minimum and place them strategically. Avoid placing pieces that have complementary colors: red and green, orange and blue, and other pairs. It hurts the eyes.

An accessory doesn’t have to be a pillow or a rug. It can be anything that catches the eye, such as a personal decoration, a small collection of books, or anything else meant to be a conversation starter.

Accent materials include chrome, glass and steel. These materials evoke an instant modern style look. Think of a 1950s diner, just without the neon tubes and an incessantly playing jukebox.

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