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What Is the Secret of Making Hormone Replacement Therapy Work: Evan Bass Men’s Clinic


One’s lifestyle, mental strain, and medications can drop the testosterone level resulting in reduced sex drive, bone density, sperm production, muscle mass, and ED. Sadly, many individuals are not aware of it. Consequently, this can toll on sexual relationships apart from physical and psychological well-being. Those who are struggling with these complications can consider promoting testosterone production, with testosterone replacement therapy from modernized medical settings like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, and get back the quality of life. However, if anyone is still on the fence about whether to go for testosterone boost supplements or TRT keep reading this article to explore more:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs. Testosterone Boosters

TRT, or Testosterone replacement therapy is an innovative treatment administered by proficient doctors to treat testosterone deficiency or low T in men or victims of hypogonadism. The TRT procedure involves adopting oral medications, injections, topical creams, etc. which contain natural testosterone.

Alternatively, many people prefer using over-the-counter (OTC) testosterone boosters available widely in the market. Rather than containing natural testosterone, these supplements come packed with vitamins, herbs, and minerals that are believed to stimulate testosterone production. It is worth noting, that although the use of anabolic containing artificial forms of testosterone can help build muscle mass, however, mostly, they don’t work to boost the desired level and class of testosterone. Furthermore, consuming them for prolonged periods can have fatal effects on one’s well-being.

What is Testosterone and Why it is Important?

Testosterone is the primary male primary sex hormone. It plays a significant role in developing and maintaining typical male physical characteristics, including muscle mass, deeper voice and body, and public hair. It is also responsible for developing male sex organs and encouraging sperm production and sex drive. Normally, Its level fluctuates throughout the lifespan of an individual while starts dropping by 1-2% a year starting from age 30.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

People with low testosterone may experience low sex desire, helplessness to get or retain erections, softer muscle tone, loss of bone density, fatigue, and lower energy.

Low Testosterone Causes

Primary hypogonadism

Primary hypogonadism refers to a physical disorder that underactives testicles. Because the testicles produce testosterone, any physical injury or ailment of the testicles, exposure to radiation therapy or chemotherapy for treating cancer can lead to low testosterone in the form of Primary hypogonadism.

Secondary hypogonadism

Low Testosterone caused by Secondary hypogonadism results from damage to one’s pituitary gland. Consisting of two parts in the brain the gland regulates the production of hormones in the testes.

Many men experience Low T as a result of primary, secondary, or mixed hypogonadism as per studies by medical clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic.

Supplements or TRT which is the Best Choice?

With the remarkable popularity of testosterone-boosting supplements, it may seem challenging to differentiate between reality and fiction. Even though it could be tempting to go for supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels, those who have used them for years say that they simply don’t work. Noteworthy, many supplements used in them are not recommended by the FDA.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Conversely, TRT is approved by the FDA. During the therapy, the testosterone level is first examined by physicians and accordingly, they suggest the patients the most convenient method of treating Low T effectively, steadily, and without any side effects. Whether it is taken in the form of injection, oral medication, or tropical medicine, they use hormone molecules similar to testosterone that the human body can produce naturally. This is the secret to why they work.

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