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into the Right Way to Start

The First Trail Running: Steven Rindner Offers an Insight into the Right Way to Start


The picturesque valleys, rocky terrains, and single-track trails to zig-zag pathways of mountains are more than enough to encourage road runners to embark on their trail running. According to Steven Rindner, although exploring trails amid the natural beauty seems dreamy, however, trail running is an intense outdoor activity that demands enthusiasts to get prepared and sensibly hit the trails. Here is a guide for those planning to enjoy their first trail running experience.

Get Started Easy 

For fitness enthusiasts initiating their first trail run and equipped with road running shoes, it makes sense to try trails just with the shoes and athletic costumes that they already have. Once get experienced in easy trail running, investing in an ideal trail running footwear and dress will help them to move through uneven, muddy, and wet terrine better.

Due to the topographic nature of trails, the bottom of trail running shoes is designed to provide more traction than road running shoes. These shoes are also distinct in terms of protection, padding, and hill-to-drop among others. When investing in these shoes, they should opt for one considering the prospective terrine and weather conditions they will be running through.

Choose trails sensibly 

At the beginning of trail running, one should not be tempted to follow complex or ultra-technical trails or timelines to cover them. Even for highly seasoned road runners rocky terrain and their sleek tracks seem to be a beast altogether. According to the viewpoint of Steven Rindner, those who are new to trail need to understand, that it’s absolutely normal that the running pace on complex sections of hilly trails will slow down.

Especially trails that are rocky, muddy with slops, and steep climbs will limit the pace. So rather than considering speed, set a target based on mileage limit or time limit for the run. For instance, go for a -30-minute run or try a 4-mile trail. Nothing to feel worried about! Remember, it will take time to speed up when it comes to trail running. Even those who are professional trail runners today, once initiated in the same way.

Research About the Terrain and Explore the Route

For the starter, knowing the trail route is the key! It is because trail running often takes runners to areas that are not reachable by cars so one needs to be careful about own safety. Always go for local trails and study them to know and decide a suitable route to start with.

Often trail systems link to one or more tracks which is why knowing the preferred and easy route makes sense. Also, be equipped with a map or navigation tools or use an app that can help keep track of the route.

Prioritize Nutrition and Hydration 

Overlooking the essentiality of hydration as well as nutrition will not only inhibit one’s performance but also will likely be dangerous for the runner. Nourishing the body with the necessary fuel is crucial for trail running.

Make sure to have sufficient snacks, black chocolate, candies, electrolytes, and packed fruit drinks, and get equipped with a water bottle. Getting well-hydrated during trail running and on completion of the session and providing nutrition to the body are integral for enjoying a relaxing trail run.

Learn Appropriate Technique

As stated trail running is altogether different from road running. During the course, runners need to move through varying topographies apart from variations in elevation, drastic downhill slopes, and uphill. Knowing the techniques is important in keeping body balance which is the first step to accelerate gradually.

For instance, a basic technique is to keep eyes down and view the trail to the tune of 10-15 feet forward to know the possible obstacles and decide where to step. Equally swinging arms with every step helps keep the balance and avoid potential injury. It also helps relax the core body muscles.

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