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ips for Moving with Pets

Safe Ship Moving Services Marks Valuable Tips for Moving with Pets


Moving to a new home is often among the most stressful challenges of one’s life. However, amidst the chaos of cardboard boxes, packing tape and moving trucks, one must also understand how stressed their pets might be. Moving with furry friends is not always a walk in the park. While hiring a mover like Safe Ship Moving Services can undoubtedly make the process easier, one should also take steps to make things smoother for their pets.

Safe Ship Moving Services lists some of the top tips for moving with pets

Even if one cannot exactly explain a move to their cat or dog, in many ways the principles are similar to preparing children for a house move. The pets must feel safe and supported before, during and after the move. After one has settled down in their new home, they also have to take time to get their furry friends settled. While every pet and their behavior might differ, the following tips can make things easier:

  • Get them used to packing supplies: Pets, cats and high-strung dogs, in particular, are not too fond of change. Hence, one must give pets enough time to get used to having boxes around. Giving them extra time to adjust what is happening would be quite helpful in making them comfortable. If possible, one should empty boxes early and leave them open for the pets to check out.
  • Stick to their routine: One of the prime aspects of moving with cats or dogs is to keep their routine as normal as possible. The process of a move can become chaotic. However, cats and dogs are creatures of habit. Hence, it is important to feed them at the usual times, keep them entertained and give them a little extra love. Hiring movers like Safe Ship Moving Services for the process would make it easier for people to have enough time in hand to focus on their pets.
  • Do not forget exercising: Moving is a hectic endeavor, but amidst all of it, one should try their best to set time aside to make sure that the pet gets enough attention, like go on walks or have playtime.  If the pets get enough exercise, they are also likely to get sleepy, and provide people with enough time to work on move related tasks.

When relocating to a new place, dogs, in particular, tend to benefit from early excursions to the new area. This would allow them to get them used to the different sights, sounds and smells. On the other hand, cats will need to stay indoors for a few days to acclimate. Both cats and dogs value having familiar items with them too. Hence, it is better to make sure that the pets have their favorite toys with them, after moving to the new home.  If the moving day is expected to be too hectic, one should try their best to send the pet to a kennel or to friends or family for a couple of nights.

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