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dress well in summer

How to dress well in summer?


First, you will have to choose aerial parts! Out of the question to wear a chunky knitted wool sweater, a fully structured jacket or even a thick cotton twill shirt .

How to choose a good summer clothing fabric?

For that you have to touch and compare with a winter fabric. A summer fabric is a fabric that slips in the hand like sand! These materials are often a little more fragile and crease more quickly , but it is essential to wear light clothing in summer.

How to choose summer pants for men? Choose the lightest material possible

For pants, avoid too thick selvedge jeans or chinos with thick fabrics. You can easily find men’s pants made of lighter fabrics , which still hold up well. They usually arrive in stores in the spring. You’re going to find lightweight summer chinos or even jeans that are thinner than usual. These clothes give the impression of being less resistant than winter ones – which is generally true since the fabric is thinner – but we have no choice, we must dress well even when it is too hot !

How to choose a summer men’s jacket? Bet on the unstructured!

For jackets, it’s the same thing. It goes without saying that you’re not going to spend the summer wearing a flannel jacket. It is necessary to choose a model of unstructured summer jacket , that is to say  without shoulder pads , without lining in the back, and with a minimum of structure at the level of the chest. You will find models of this type at Hast , Pini Parma, the specialist in the field, and also at Italian brands such as Bogloli, Incotex, Lardini, or Boggi which are also specialists in the field, but in less technical materials. The Italians know very well how to have style in summer .

Choose the right summer clothing materials: wear breathable materials

A breathable material is one that lets your body heat pass to the outside. Because clothing is there to protect us from the outside, but when it’s hot, that means it doesn’t allow the body to naturally regulate its internal temperature to 37°C. If a garment retains the heat that your body is trying to evacuate, you will feel stiflingly hot and you will sweat like never before!

On the contrary, a breathable material will promote contact between the outside air and your skin , and let the heat of your body easily escape.

What material to choose so as not to be hot in summer?

For tops, ie t-shirts, shirts or polo shirts , you certainly know the excellent properties of linen , which is a breathable material perfect for summer. You can also find summer shirts and summer t-shirts in ultra light and breathable materials.

For example, you can find them at Uniqlo, with technical and innovative materials. For summer polo shirts, they call it “dry” models . It’s a cotton-polyester blend that doesn’t look like a synthetic fabric at all.

I’ve been wearing it for years, and it’s really effective. This material is perfect for those who sweat a lot in summer. The brand’s extra-fine cotton shirts are also excellent for summer wear.

The right materials for men’s summer jackets?

For jackets, the Eclectic brand is an expert in the field of technical fabric jackets, ultra light and breathable . You just have to try their Ultra Light jacket – which weighs a little more than the weight of a shirt – to realize how impressive the result is. You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing.

To achieve this, the brand has diverted technical materials from the automotive, sports or military fields, to create jackets that resemble a classic elegant jacket. . For example, it uses Cordura, which is a derivative of nylon, therefore super resistant and very light.

Otherwise, other brands offer, for example, unstructured jackets in hopsack fabric, perfect for dressing in hot weather. The “hopsack” is a woven fabric with a structure that allows for a sturdy fabric, but still very airy. It’s a type of men’s summer blazer that you’ll often find from brands like Boglioli or Suit Supply.

An unlined linen jacket is also a great choice. To finish on the good materials of summer clothing, the seersucker is known to be the fabric of the summer suits and the riviera looks . I admit that it is a more difficult fabric to wear, but when it is well mastered, it is a success for sure.

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