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Furniture into Masterpieces

8 Ways Veneers Transform Ordinary Furniture into Masterpieces


To make a house your home, you need to put in effort and make it a comfortable and homely space. Interior design is the most important when it comes to building your house so you can make it yours. Veneer sheets made from natural wood are an excellent choice to enhance the aesthetics and add a royal touch to the interiors of your home. They are just the right fit for a vintage, warm, and welcoming look when executed properly.

Veneers are available in a wide range of textures, grains, and colours, depending on your style. You can choose to apply them to different surfaces to make a statement. They are cheaper and eco-friendly because they are used in minute quantities. Wood veneer is extensively used for residential and commercial projects because of its durability, low maintenance. and aesthetic appeal.

Wood veneers can be conveniently used for flooring, walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, and much more. Here are 8 ways through which you can transform your ordinary furniture into masterpieces.

1. Cabinets: Cabinets are the most integral of furniture that may be used for storage, a TV place, or to decorate or hang your achievements and awards and play a critical role in home decor. Using natural wooden veneer sheets for your cabinets will add that extra sheen and uplift the looks of your cabinets while also providing them additional functionality and durability.

2. Wardrobes and Closets: Veneer wardrobes add a contemporary look to your living space. With exquisite shades and a sheen of veneer, it will make your space look effortlessly beautiful. For a breezier look, go for lighter shades. Darker shades will help you achieve a rather classic look.

3. Doors: Veneer doors add personality and sophistication to your home. Choose from a range of patterns and colours. You can create a cosy and warm look with veneer doors, and the entrance of your home will reflect class and seem welcoming.

4. Tables: Wood veneers are perfect for a statement centrepiece like a coffee table or a dining table. If you have light background walls, go for dark-coloured wood veneers to make it the centre of attraction in your home.

5. Chairs: For a unified and cohesive look, go for the same-coloured veneered chairs as your table, or consider contrasting tones for a look that stands out in your living area.

6. Dressers: A tall dressing table can be the perfect element to add to your bedroom. Dark wood veneered dressers would look absolutely stunning with light-coloured wood veneered drawers that wouldcomplement the dresser in the perfect way.

7. Shelves: Closed and open shelves both add very different elements to your home. Closed shelves provide an antique and vintage look to your home and would look best with dark wood veneers. Open shelves would rather look good in patterns and double-shade decorative veneers, making it a masterpiece and a work of art.

8. Beds: Wood-veneered beds add just the right amount of class and royalty to your way of living. Depending on your background walls and colours, pick the right colour wood veneer to make the most stunning bedroom.

The quality of the wood veneers you use is very crucial if you wish to create a statement and turn your ordinary furniture into a work of art. Beauty should not overpower the practicality and functionality of the furniture.

With CenturyVeneers, you will not have to worry about quality. We provide high-quality interior elements with a unique aesthetic look along with increased functionality. Every surface in your home that is covered with premium veneers will reflect elegance and class and make every person fall for your home.

CenturyVeneers offer a wide variety of wood veneers in different colours and patterns and help you create extraordinary elements in every corner of your home that are functional and unique at the same time. So, contact us today and convert your home into a masterpiece.

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